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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Is it hot enough for you Midtown? I am sure it is one million degree’s outside.

I woke early this morning and we took a bike ride to Republic Coffee and the Greenline. The only problem? It was so hot at 9:00 a.m. I did manage to take a picture at the Highland St. crossing of the Greenline with the new traffic lights to help those on the Greenline cross Highland.

After returning from the bike ride, I did some bicycle maintenance and then headed over to Outdoors Inc. for a new pedal. Yup, I have broken two pedals in two months. I really do not know how I have accomplished this feat, but I did. The good news is that I replaced the pedal, and have added a new seat to the bicycle.

This evening I grilled sausage, chicken, burgers and hot dogs. I will not be hungry next week.

My Deep Purple CD “Perfect Strangers” arrived in the mail yesterday. Good album by a great band. The best songs on the CD? Perfect Strangers (Kashmir feel by Led Zep), Knocking At Your Back Door (a fun musical jaunt), Under the Gun (another great song), A Gypsy’s Kiss (reminds me of Death Alley Driver by Rainbow), Wasted Sunsets (a mellow bluesy slow time ballad), Hungry Daze (a mid-tempo rock-n-roller). The funny thing even though I had this album so many years ago, I only songs I remember are Perfect Strangers and Knocking At Your Back Door.

And my new Ipod microphone worked like a charm on Saturday. Used the Ipod microphone to record a speaker at a seminar that gives the same presentation week after week. I recorded him so that I may use his presentation for future use. I told him I was recording him, and he was cool with it. Now I only have to transcribe the recording to notes.

What is on the plate for tomorrow? Bike to work early in the a.m. I hope you enjoyed your weekend Midtown. The work week is about to arrive before you know it.

See you Monday for more iced coffee.