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Bacon Friday Midtown. Celebrate with the pig.

No bike to work this morning. I was exhausted from the day prior. I walked like the dead into Republic Coffee and tried to wake up with my FIRST cup of iced coffee for the day.

I was able to chat with the waiter briefly before heading to work. Let’s just say it was a trying day to say the least. During lunch I sat at Starbucks with my second iced coffee of the day, willing myself to return to the office. By the day’s end, my mind was toast.

The day cooled off and my wife and I went for a bike ride to Tiger Lane. The was the first time she has been on her bike post bike accident. The bike ride was pleasant.

I had ordered a microphone for my Ipod last week. It arrived yesterday and I used it to record the Vynals at Cooper Young First Thursday. The Ipod microphone is cheap and easy to use. Just plug it into your headphone port and it works like a charm. Now if I can only figure out how to convert the files over to the blog. Hmmm… The only negative thing I have to say about the device is that it is so small I may lose it. BUT the cost is less than $2 (including shipping!) so no big deal. Get your Ipod microphone here.

Some good plans for tomorrow. Saturday should be fun. Get outside Midtown and have a coffee, or two.

See you tomorrow!