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Hold on to your hats Midtown, today was a wild day. Is it Monday? It felt like Monday today.

Today’s bike ride is presented by Deep Purple “Perfect Strangers”. What? I was sitting in the coffee shop this morning and I was inspired to buy the album “Perfect Strangers” by Deep Purple from Amazon.com. The song “Perfect Strangers” was played on the P.A. system at the coffee shop. I had the CASSETTE TAPE (that dates me) YEARS ago. I was even lucky enough to see the tour for the album. Great show if I remember correctly. Years and years later, I ended up working a few Deep Purple shows. Classic rock shows, very easy shows to work. What do the artists want? A pay check at the end of the evening. That is pretty much it. Get your Deep Purple “Perfect Strangers” album here from Amazon.com. (If I am up to it I will find a backstage pass or two from a tour).

Speaking of purchases I also purchased a microphone for my Ipod last night. I thought it would cost an arm and leg, but it was only $2 + change. That even included shipping! Get your microphone here from Amazon.com. Why do I need a microphone? I really think it is silly to have an Ipod but no way to record notes or a meeting. I also want to try it on Skype calls. I can’t wait to try it out and see how well it works. 227 good customer reviews sound great to me.

If you like BBQ and live in Bartlett, you may want to try Fat Larry’s BBQ. $7 for $14 for food. Get your deal here from Inside Scoop.

Do you buy those daily deals? We purchased two deals for Neely’s BBQ; $10 for $20 for BBQ. We did we do? We picked up beef and pork and beans and sauce to go. Then we put half in the freezer and are eating the other half now.

Today is the first time I rode my bike to work but didn’t ride back home. It looked as though it would storm, so I had my wife pick me up from work. Speaking of bikes, tomorrow, there is the Madison Ave. bike lane meeting Wednesday 7/6/2011 at Minglewood Hall; 5:30 p.m. If you want a say in what is going on in Midtown, and how Madison Ave. can be great, attend this event! See more here from the Minglewood Hall events page. Look for notes from me from the meeting tomorrow.

I arrived at work this morning to find the power out, air conditioning out, and the computer server down. Are you kidding me? Brutal way to start the day or the week.

And I STILL haven’t found a book to read. Hmmm… maybe a short story for a dollar for the Kindle. James Rollins is a favorite author of mine. His book Skeleton Key is only $0.99. Good enough for me.

I have some pictures to add of some interesting things. I left my camera at work, so I will have to post them at a later date.

I am mentally exhausted and beat. This day took it out of me. Okay Tuesday, you win this one. But “I’ll be back”.