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Bonus day! Day three of the three day weekend. How are you doing Midtown? Keep cool and have fun on the Fourth of July!

We ended the evening last night at the Studio on the Square. The movie? “Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon”. The movie was better than I expected. This movie I could follow. Lots of action, and great shots of parachutists flying over downtown Chicago. The first Transformers movie was good. The second Transformers movie had lots of action, but I really couldn’t follow the story. I am glad we went to see this latest movie. I am not a huge movie person, but the latest movies I have watched at the cinema have been very good. “Thor” was good, and “Captain America” looks to be good as well.

I woke up mid-morning and went to Republic Coffee for iced coffee and bacon. Crowded today, as I expected. Funny, when I walked in, I saw the barista and thought it strange that she was working today. BUT she usually works on Monday. So it was not so strange to see her working.

Next up, a birthday lunch at La Hacienda for a friend. The lunch was good and we spoke about the local public schools and how parents need to be PARENTS and not social secretaries or best friends of their kids. I have a huge rant about this, but will save it for a later time.

I saw this poster for an event called “Over the Edge”. Looks to be frightening, but fun. If your into that sort of thing.

Across the street, we stopped in at Old Navy. While driving there, we happened upon that SAME POLITICAL CAR from yesterday. He was parked at the corner of Highland and Poplar. He had large signs posted on the corner of the street. A local paper needs to write something up about him. This reminds me of a guy in Texas that drove a HUGE white Cadillac around town, with a LARGE American flag and flag pole sticking up from the back of his car. I believe he had slogans posted on the car as well.

And I also came across this car; a very old and cool VW Bug.

I need to get by Outdoors Inc. on Union. What am I looking for? Stuff. Like tire levers and a CO2 inflator. And probably a spare tire tube. (Hmmm… I can’t remember if I even have one from last year). Quick release for my tires? Maybe. I am still weighing my options for it. I have tire liners. How many flats will I have? Then again, I am commuting to work. Something to think about.

Here is something new for you Midtown. “Albums you SHOULD have, but don’t”. I admit it, I am addicted to music. I have many, many cd’s and my Ipod is jam packed with rock music. No, I don’t have any Lady Gaga, Nickleback or Kings of Leon music. (Hmmm… I can’t name one song by any of these bands!) My Ipod has other groups, like Accept, Killer Dwarfs, Starz and Montrose. Never heard of them? You should be listening to them now. Or this album; “John Fogerty Wrote a Song For Everyone”. Wait. What? Yes, this album features songs by various artists covering CCR songs. Good? It’s a GREAT album. “Commotion” by Girl Trouble (another favorite band I listen to) is great, as well as “Fortunate Son” by Al Perry and The Cattle. (The song has the LYRICS of “Fortunate Son” but the MUSIC of the Go Go’s “We’ve got the beat”). WHAT? Really, you have to hear the song to believe it. GREAT song. “Sweet Hitchhiker” is covered by DM3 (good cover) as well as “Effigy” by the Psychlone Rangers. All and all a GREAT album of 15 GREAT songs. Check out the album here at Amazon.com.

I finished reading my latest book for the Kindle, The Sacred Vault by Andy McDermott (check it out here). A better book than I expected. Just when I thought this series could get tired, it didn’t. Good characters and settings. Think of the main characters as Laura Croft and James Bond. I have read all of McDermott’s other books. He is a good author and has an interesting background about becoming an author. You can start the series from the first book “The Hunt for Atlantis“.

The Sacred Vault: A Novel

Now if you want to combine MUSIC and BOOKS, try “Enter Night” by Mick Wall. He is an author who has been there and done that with many rock bands. “Enter Night” takes you into the Metallica journey, from the beginning to the present day. He was there, and has witnessed the band first hand from the club days to the stadium tours. Good book. And I read his blog daily. www.mickwall.com.

Enter Night: A Biography of Metallica

You can check out the calendar of events below; just click on the picture. Have a great weekend, and get ready to get back to work. Because your work week starts….tomorrow!