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Three day weekend, day number 2. Are you loving the holiday weekend? I know I am. So what happened last night? Let me tell you about it.

I biked to the intersection of Cooper Young last night at 8:00 p.m. for the first Cycle Memphis group bike ride. I wasn’t sure how many people would attend. When I arrived there were twenty or so people gathered. Within twenty minutes, there were 60 plus people getting ready to ride downtown. I am guessing the average age was mid to late twenties. There were some older folks like me. Guys and girls, young and old folks, most riders were experienced riders, but a few new ones came along for the ride. Oh, and one pregnant woman. Bonus points to you for making a go of it. The ride downtown had a nice pace, probably ten miles an hour or so. We took Peabody then switched over to Linden. As we were going down Peabody, I spoke to the person riding next to me. “I feel as though I am REALLY sharing the road here. I feel as though I have a right to bike on the street”. Everything was fine until right past the Fedex Center someone’s tire blew out. We all stopped while the tire was fixed. Then it was on to the park by the river. The reaction from the public was 95% great. Many cheered as we rolled by, other motorists honked in approval. After a rest and a few group photo’s, we started back to Cooper Young. Again, all started well, but after the first couple of miles, it seemed those at the beginning of the group quickened the pace. It was 8 mph, which quickly changed to 11 mph. Even though I pedal 22 miles daily, maintaining the pace was a bit hard for me. I kept up, but it really took it out of me. When we arrived back at Cooper Young at 10:20 p.m., I heard the group had separated into three groups. All and all it was a fun ride, just a bit fast for me and I suspect a few others. A few things to remember. Next time I need to take two bottles of water, not just one. Make sure you have a flashing light for your bike. Most riders had one, but not all. A headlight is not required, but I am glad I had one for a few dark sections of the street. I took a few pictures. See the pictures below.

Cycle Memphis wants to do these rides the first Saturday of every month. After the ride I was done in, but I managed to return home and shower for a quick stop at the Dublin House on Madison. I met some friends and had a couple of ciders before returning home.

Sunday morning I woke up to a stiff back. Coffee, I need coffee. After breakfast we headed to Coffee Town for some iced coffee. After reading the news for a bit, I was ready for an early lunch. Genghis Grill here I come!

I learned my lesson from last weekend and PILED the meat into the bowl. The only problem was that I was unable to stack the veggies like the employee did last week. My tower of veggies just seemed to fall over, no matter how much I smushed them down. But the lunch turned out well anyway. The leftovers will feed me lunch for two days.

We stopped in at Target so I could pick up a couple of sweat bands for my head. On the very hot days, the sweat just pours over my face, into my eyes. Even with the bandana I wear. No bueno. The sweat bands should help. Oh and I found a half-dozen socks to bike in. Black. I hate having to look for socks in the morning before I leave for my commute.

Driving back home, a strangely decorated car pulled up behind us. I had my wife take pictures. Wow. Why don’t you say what is on your mind? “Tax the Banksters”. “Ban the TSA”. “Unsafe Body Scans”. Talk about a political message. Alrighty then.

Oh, and if you are looking for some events, I have updated my calendar. You can see the picture below and click on it to have a good look. I added the Cycle Memphis bike rides to the calendar as well as the Journey concert in September (The calendar doesn’t show Journey yet, since it is a few months off, but it is included).

Keep cool, have a great three-day weekend and do something fun Midtown!