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Three day weekend! Starts NOW. Well for me it started at 12:00 p.m. today. I was not feeling well this morning, so I went back to bed. It has been a very long time since I have slept until noon.

I stumbled in and out of the shower and headed to Coffee Town for some wake up juice. I spoke to the new manager at length about business and how to do things wrong and how to do things right. And about customer service. Good talk. I could people watch at Coffee Town for HOURS. I found this vanity plate parked outside of Coffee Town. “BK Lady”. Burger King Lady? Biking Lady? Bee Keeper Lady? Maybe her initials are B.K.

Lifehacker.com has an interesting article about turning your iphone/ipod ect. into a t.v. remote. There is a sale today for the blinQ attachment. The app is FREE, but the attachment cost $4.99 (includes shipping). The reviews are not great, BUT from what I have read, the t.v. guide is very good. I am hoping that the app will post better updates to get the app functioning better. I am willing to try the blinQ app out to see how it works. Can you add social media to it as well to see what your friends are watching. The weirdest part of the app? You use your Iphone UPSIDE DOWN. Yup, your attachment is facing the t.v. and the attachment plugs into your headset port, which is on the bottom of my Ipod. Read all about the blinQ app here from lifehacker.com.

For all of you who enjoy a good cold beer, there is an app for that. BrewGene is a free app that lets you log and discover new beers. I do not drink beer for the most part anymore, but you can try this app out. Read more about BrewGene here from Lifehacker.com.

I received news that my highschool geometry teacher passed away. Here is the weird part. I took geometry TWICE in highschool. Yes two times, the same class and the same teacher. I was not good at math. (For those of you playing at home, I took college algebra 4 times and didn’t pass that either. I had no problems with any other subject except math). So I find out about his passing via Facebook. Here is the kicker. Other former students (some who I know, others I do not know) commented on their experiences with this teacher. Straight down the line “He didn’t like me” was the comment over and over. I thought I was the only student he did not like. He taught the same class at the same highschool for 28 years. I am pretty sure we caught him near the end of those 28 years. I know I was not the best student for any teacher to have (read “misbehaving student”). Most of my former teachers I have no memories of. But this one stood out. I am pretty sure he passed me with a C- the second time around so he would not have to deal with me one more year. I have no hard feelings now. Apparently he didn’t have a good relationship with teens by the time I took his classes. So it was not “just me” he had a hard time with. Oh well, water under the bridge. Maybe if I had opened the book to study. I am pretty sure I failed most of his tests. And I still do not know geometry.

I haven’t read the news today. Anything good happening in the world?

Enjoy your DAY ONE of the three-day weekend. Get out, stay cool, and have fun Midtown. I will see you here again tomorrow for more bacon, muffins and apps. See you on the flip side. Oh and check out the calendar below!