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TGIF Midtown. Are you glad it is Friday? I know I am.

I stopped in at Coffee Town for a cup of coffee before I biked to the Greenline. That is four times I have biked to work this week. Gotta keep a rockin’.

I had a chat with a cyclist at the beginning of the Greenline in the afternoon for a bit. It is so interesting where people ride and don’t ride. He obviously was a frequent cyclist, but had never taken Tilman down to Broad St. I told him it was totally cool to do so. Even after I said it, he didn’t seem convinced.

In other bike news, there is a group bike ride scheduled for Saturday evening from Cooper Young. Read more about it here in the Flyer. www.bikinginmemphis.com also posted the event. By the way Bikinginmemphis is a GREAT blog. Read it daily, I do.

I do have a few plans for tomorrow. A few stops while riding my bike.

And now for something completely different. I am trying to figure out exactly where my money is going. I am using software to figure this out. After looking over my bank statements, I cannot make heads or tails of my expenses. It is quite frightening that I don’t know where my money is going. The big bills, yes I know where that money goes. It is just the little things that I cannot figure out. If you don’t know where your money is going, you have problems. I will attempt to correct this problem, sooner than later.

Come back tomorrow for more coffee and muffins Midtown. Get out and do stuff!