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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Again, I only have one post, but I like using the phrase.

I woke early and headed to the coffee shop. I had a chat with Ken and David then headed out to the Greenline. Right before I was about to start my bike ride, another cyclist yelled that the rain was to start in twenty minutes. Twenty minutes? My bike ride is sixty minutes. Pedal, pedal, pedal. About six miles into my ride, I received a phone call from my wife. She phoned me to say that the storm was heading my way and to pedal faster. I was at the top of Shelby Farms and the sky was looking darker and darker. I made my way to the bottom of Shelby Farms. That is when the rain began. And I still had two miles to ride, which usually takes me fifteen minutes. As the rain began to get worse, I pedaled faster. I usually keep a ten mile per hour pace the last two miles of my ride. This time, I was up to seventeen miles per hour. Rain is a great motivator for riding faster. I was slightly soaked when I arrived at work, but I made it.

Returning home after work, I ran into another cyclist at the corner of Farm Rd, and Walnut Grove. We chatted while waiting for the light to change. The other cyclist said that he had barely stayed ahead of the rain this morning, I was a bit behind, getting a good soaking. But the rain only affected two miles of my ride, so I was good.

If you are shopping for a Nook or Kindle e-reader, you may want to read this article comparing the two in the Wallstreet Journal. I have a Kindle, but I don’t think I will get a new upgraded e-reader from Amazon. I may want to see what Amazon offers to compete against the Ipad.

Wednesday is the bike meeting at Minglewood Hall at 5:30 p.m. Go! Friday is the Tennessee Tease show at Newby’s.

See more information on the calendar below. Hump day tomorrow. No bike to work for me, but I will return to the Greenline Thursday. Come back tomorrow for more fun, no rain, iced coffee and e-readers. Cheers.