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What day is it? It is DEFINITELY Monday. Holy cow! Just when I believed work could not get weirder, but it REALLY did get stranger. But I am ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning.

I usually do not bike to work on Mondays since I am very busy on Mondays. I decided to jump into the fire today and bike to work. Tempt fate. Let the dogs run. To make it more difficult, I had to pack all of my work clothing for one week into the back pack. AND latch my lunch box onto the back of the back pack. Yeah, more weight to bike with this morning.

I stopped in a coffee town and found the new manager David sitting at the bar. I shook his hand and introduced myself. He told me, “I saw you here yesterday”. My reply, “I am here EVERYDAY”. He seemed at bit impressed by that statement. We talked a bit, but I was running late and needed to start my trip on the Greenline. Other than the temperature warmer than usual, the ride was uneventful. I did see the buffalo at Shelby Farms near the end of my ride. If they are out tomorrow, I will stop and take a picture.

The return trip home was really hot. Even with my cooling vest on, it was hot. So the new experiment is placing the cooling vest in the freezer over night. Come back tomorrow for the results. This experiment should be interesting. I didn’t see any tags that stated “DO NOT FREEZE VEST”. Ten hours later and I will know if I screwed up or not.

I found this interesting link from I Love Memphis blog. Apparently this guys house burned down and he then lost his job. Now he is living out of a van and travelling the country. Makes for an interesting read. I think I will keep up with him. Rock on van living dude. He has a perfect internet address: www.iliveinmyvan.com. Yes, I read www.ILOVEMEMPHISBLOG.com daily. Good stuff.

And that calendar I was speaking of; well here it is. I think the Tennessee Tease show time may be off slightly, but I will find it and update it. Other times should be good. I am hoping this calendar will keep me on track of things to do. Click on the calendar to try it.

Come back Tuesday for more buffalo, iced coffee and dangerous stuff!