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Sunday is toast. Hot as heck in Midtown today, but I survived.

I started the day with some bacon and iced coffee at coffee town. I noticed an older guy working behind the counter today. What’s this? So I asked a waiter who the new guy was. Turns out coffee town has hired a manager to run the place five days a week. And he is not new to the business. He has done this for many, many years. I am looking forward to speaking with him about the place.

We came back home and I prepared the grill for fajita’s, burgers, and chicken. That fire became hot FAST. After about an hour the food was finished.

Next up, a super secret bike ride. The route lasted ten miles round trip. I was really up for the bike ride, and took my camera to take pictures. Rule number one in fight club kids, always make sure your camera is charged before you go out for a bike ride. The ride was nice and easy. I wish I had time to stop for a beer when I reached my destination, but I started out late. I will write more about this ride at a later date. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures as well.

I may or may not ride my bike to work Monday, depending on how the weather looks and how I feel. Crossing my fingers I will be on the Greenline early in the morning.

I hope your weekend was great, come back tomorrow for more iced coffee and heat tomorrow.