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Is the weekend treating you good Midtown? I am doing well on this HOT Saturday.

I just figured out I missed Trolley Night last night. And I am not happy. To remedy this, I am putting together a calendar on Google so I will not miss another Trolley Night or anything else. More on the calendar to come soon.

I woke up early this morning and headed to the coffee shop. An older person was sitting by himself in my usual spot and I asked if I could have a seat across from him. He said sure and I sat down. He asked what I was up to this morning. I told him I was trying to get my day started. His accent was a New York accent. He may have been older, but you could tell he could handle himself if things became dicey. He asked what I did for a living. I told him I was a paper pusher. I didn’t really feel like chatting, but I should have. He probably had some good history or stories to tell. After a few moments he left and I read the paper.

My next stop was a hair cut. It has been so long since I have had one, the stylist and I couldn’t remember the last visit. We talked at length about biking to work and such. She was headed to the Steve Miller concert tonight. I told her to enjoy herself. Steve Miller puts on a fun show.

I was near the new Gus’s Fried Chicken on Mendenhall so I snapped a few pictures. The outside looks to be complete. I am guessing the crew is still working on the interior. The place should be open soon.

I met my wife at home and we stopped by a few estate sales. We didn’t buy anything but there were some interesting items for sale. (She had stopped by earlier and purchased a picture frame).

For dinner we stopped in a Genghis Grill. I have never been to this chain before. Just some tips though. If you are NOT getting the all you can eat buffet, pile the bowl FULL of meat. I mean fill it to the top; even over the top. Then get your veggies and really pile them high. Then get a couple fo eggs. How did I learn this? I watched an employee pile his bowl high, full of meat and veggies. He even pressed down on the bowl of food to load more food into it. Then take your bowl of uncooked food to the grill. Take a number and the cooks will cook your meat and vegetables for you. After a few minutes, a waiter will bring your cooked food to you. Eat as much as you can and take home the left overs like I did. $9 plus change plus tip, but a good meal. Read reviews HERE from Yelp.

1) Get your meat and veggies.

2) Have them cook it for you.

3) EAT!

Plan for tonight? Maybe a bike ride to Yolo (I CAN’T WAIT! As soon as it cools down).

Oh yeah, my new Misfits shirt arrived in the mail. GREAT shirt to bike in. Now I only need a Krokus, Metallica, Saxon, and Accept t-shirt to complete the collection. Preferably white t-shirts.

Have a great weekend and I will meet you here tomorrow for more stories, food and t-shirts.