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It is Friday! Let the festivities begin!

After taking sleeping pills, allergy pills and vodka last night; I woke feeling like a zombie. Even when walking into the coffee shop, I told the working crew I was still asleep. Even a cup of coffee didn’t get me going. As I was getting my bike ready to ride the Greenline, a police officer asked me if I was going to ride the Greenline. I told him I was biking to work. The police officer said he enjoyed riding his bike on the Greenline, but he only would ride five or six miles at a time. After chatting for a few moments I started my journey to work.

Nothing to report from the trip except this one incident. When I arrived at the eastern side of the Graham part of the Greenline, I saw someone standing on the trail. Looking down I noticed there was a turtle crossing the path. The jogger was watching to make sure that no one ran over the turtle as it crossed the trail. I found it amusing that the hare stopped for the tortoise. I wished I had stopped and snapped a picture.

Work, work, work then reverse bike ride back to home. I stopped in at Tip Top Liquor Store for a bottle of liquor. I noticed the temperature was warm in the store. The clerk said the air conditioning had just stopped working. Brutal. It is summer time. Not the best time for the a/c to stop working.

I found an interesting way to add a calendar of events with google that I will try out soon, so watch for that.

If you want to stay cool this summer Get My Perks.com is featuring a cool deal; $5 for $10 for yogurt at TCBY. Get your cool stuff here at Get My Perks.com.

Steve Miller plays the Botanic Garden Saturday Night at 8:30 p.m. The Steve Miller Band is excellent. I have worked several of the shows in the past and he continues to deliver. The last Miller show I worked was in the early fall. The temperature was cool; perfect for the classic rock show. Near the end of the show the working staff and I went to stand at the back of the main floor with various silly hats on. I was wearing a sombrero. The show was great. Read more about the event here from the Botanic Gardens website.  If you want a taste of the Steve Miller set list, take a look at this site. It features a set list from a recent show in Ohio. Jet Airliner, Take the Money and Run; classic. Really, Miller puts on a great show. Go!

Alright, stay cool Midtown. Get out, see something new, go for a bike ride, try new foods. See you on Saturday for more BBQ, Iced Coffee and fun stuff. And take the money and run!