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Wicked Wednesday Midtown. Shake ’em if you got ’em.

I climbed out of bed early and started on the Greenline. Weather man be damned. Rain, hail, thunder and lightning get out of my way. I have to bike to work! The bike ride was uneventful, which is a good thing. Not many people out in the morning. Coming back travelling west was a different story. There were MANY people out biking this evening.

Sweaty me arrived home, took a shower and had steak for dinner. Score.

Then we were off to meet friends at a local bar for a drink and a laugh.

A couple of restaurants I want to try out; Burly’s on Madison and Trolley Stop. I already have two daily deal coupons for Burley’s. I just haven’t had time to use them yet. Maybe this weekend we can try to Trolley Stop Market on Madison. I have heard good things about this place as well. Or maybe… a food bike ride! Stop here, stop there and just keep on going. Hmmm…something I must think about.

Lastly, the Commercial Appeal featured an article today regarding bike lanes on Madison. The situation has yet to be solved, decided, or whatever. There is a public meeting scheduled for June 29th 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. at Minglewood Hall. Go! If you enjoy riding your bike with your children to Yolo on Madison, go! If you are like me and ride your bike to the liquor store on Madison, go. If you ride your bike to the bank on Madison, go to this meeting. Yes, I do all of these things in one afternoon. Important note: when I am out riding my bike and I make various stops, I am SPENDING MY HARD EARNED MONEY AT SEVERAL LOCATIONS! (ON MADISON!) When I drive my vehicle down the street, I am usually going to one place then I return home. When I am out on my bike, I head to various establishments and buy things. Business owners on Madison, I am spending my money at your business. I am supporting you with my wallet. Can you throw us a bone? No one is asking Madison to be closed to traffic. Read the story here in the Commercial Appeal. End of rant.

No bike to work tomorrow. Dr.’s appointment. Cross my fingers I will be back on the Greenline Friday. And now… it is time for a drink. Cheers!

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