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Two for Tuesday Midtown. I don’t know about you, but my day was c-r-a-z-y.

This morning I stopped for my iced coffee and then headed to work. Work, work, work, and then I headed home. Dinner? Republic Coffee BIG Cobb Salad. Two people can enjoy a full meal for only $10 or so. Oink out people.

My seat pack arrived from Amazon.com one day early. Thanks Amazon! The only problem is the name of the merchandise. I can hardly describe the seat bag as “large” or “big”. The bag is good enough to hold keys, cell phone or other smallish things. My bike is a never-ending chore. I will be adding more storage space in the future to said bike.

So after messing around a bit, I headed for a bike ride at Tiger Lane.

Why? Since my wife was hit by a car while riding her bike on Peabody, I wanted to find a nice easy place for her to ride her bicycle close to home. Tiger Lane fits the bill. If you haven’t taken your bike to Tiger Lane, go. There were only a couple of other people here riding bikes. You have most of Tiger Lane to yourself. It is not completely deserted so you don’t feel isolated. Tiger Lane looks completely different from the time of the BBQ Festival a few weeks back. If you ride the near outer sidewalks, the complete loop from the front gate to the fountain is about .65 miles. I measured it while doing laps.

Take your best girl, and head out to Tiger Lane for a bike ride. Go for a walk, run or  ride your bike and take a picture by the fountain. It’s free, easy and you get some exercise.

Get ready for hump day Midtown, because it is almost here.