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It is “Mad Monday” Midtown. I had an interesting start and end of the day. Let me tell you about it.

I drove to the coffee shop this morning, so no “bike to work” day (I am to busy on Monday to bike to work, but that will change). As soon as I purchased my iced coffee, a person drove up on a bright yellow scooter. Walking in, the waiter began to kid him about the yellow scooter. I was curious about the scooter, so I began to ask him about the ride, how fast it went, what streets he drove on, ect. We chatted for 30 minutes about the scooter. Interesting stuff. I was so wrapped up in the conversation, I didn’t have time to read the paper.

Work was work. I just couldn’t get into the day for some reason.

I did stop by the “Bike Route” meeting today on Broad Street this evening. More good conversations. There were many large pictures posted of streets, a slide show running on a laptop, and about ten people talking to staffers. I asked what the plan was to connect Tillman and E. Parkway North. I talked about bike riders perceptions of Tillman, and how great it would be to connect Broad Street to the Greenline. There was even a city representative talking with some of the staffers and looking over many pictures and drawings. The person I was speaking with said about 15-18 people were riding bikes on the proposed route this morning. I even asked if Memphis was ahead, the same or behind other cities regarding bike lanes. The staffer said Memphis is behind some cities, but we are quickly making progress. And my camera? It was at the office. I accidentally left the camera at work. Doh! I thanked the staffer and said I would try to return tomorrow if I could.

My wife pointed out that www.justpayhalfmidsouth.com is offering a deal for Neely’s BBQ; $10 for $20 for food at the world-famous restaurant. I really enjoy Neely’s, but haven’t been back in a while. I purchased two coupons. Get your coupons at www.justpayhalfmidsouth.com.

To end the day, my wife boiled some corn, sausage, potatoes, and shrimp for dinner. Score!

Get ready for “Two for Tuesday” tomorrow. Come back for more coffee, bbq and love. See you then.