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Happy Fathers Day Midtown! Did you get out in the heat today?

Did you make it to the Tennessee Tease show last night at Hi-Tone? I know we were there. The performers were hot, but it wasn’t the dancers causing the heat. I had to be 100 degree’s inside the bar last night. Those three small window a.c. units could not cool the bar down. The performers were doing their show and the live music was good, but the heat was pretty bad. We stayed for as much of the show as we could, but the heat finally won out. I am looking forward to the Tennessee Tease show at Newby’s on July 1st. From what I remember, the a.c. works just fine in that club. More information is here from Newby’s website. Surf music legend Dick Dale will appear at Hi-Tone 6/21/11. $15 tickets. I may attend if the heat isn’t bad. Get your tickets here.

This morning we headed to the coffee shop for iced coffee. I could probably people watch all day long at this joint. You have the old customers, young customers, people out exercising, people just waking up (me), meetings taking place, ect. There are a thousand stories playing out every day at the place.

So while out biking yesterday I noticed my seat padding was missing while I was on the bridge at the corner of Union and Hollywood. Hmmm… I couldn’t figure it out. Where had it gone? While out driving today to the coffee shop, I was looking on the streets that I took yesterday for the seat padding. I didn’t see it. I was still puzzled. Returning from the coffee shop I was STILL looking for the seat padding. I found it! The padding was just sitting on the corner, trying to hide from me, pretending it doesn’t notice me driving by. Oh, it attempted to escape, but I found it on the corner of Union and Hollywood where I had stopped to cross the street. The seat padding may be old and used, but it still works.

We then worked our way over to Yolo for dessert. I used my rewards card to get $3.00 off my order today. As we were leaving, I started chatting with a clerk. We were talking about the cost of yogurt and I told the clerk the story of the old man I watched pouring himself a HUGE amount of yogurt a couple of weeks ago. She laughed and said she knew who I was speaking of. This old man shows up nearly EVERY DAY for yogurt, and spends about $12.00 for two cups of yogurt for himself and his wife. You go old man.

So what is for dinner? How about The Boiling Point in Southaven MS. I had a coupon I purchased online; $12 for $25 for food at The Boiling Point. First let me state I have never been to this restaurant before. Cajun and sea food, sounds like a good idea. The restaurant looks as though it was formerly a warehouse. The trouble started as soon as we were seated. We were given a table in a side room with no other customers. Hmmm… that is odd. The waitress returned and said she was moving us to a table in the main room. There were a fair amount of customers sitting at tables, but the restaurant was not overly crowded. Our waitress seemed to know what she was doing. We gave the waitress our order and she said she would bring out some hush puppies shortly. A few minutes later our food arrived, except no salad. We asked about the salad. Still no hush puppies. So the salad appears moments later, drowned in salad dressing. We had to send it back. The waitress said the restaurant had someone new preparing the salads. The table next to us had a problem with their food order as well. The waitress brought back a new salad, and still no hush puppies. We ordered shrimp, potatoes, and corn. The potatoes were a bit hard; they were not cooked long enough. The corn was a bit soft; cooked a bit to long. The shrimp was okay, but didn’t have a great taste. Strangely enough, all of the food tasted as though it were boiled separately in plain water. And none of the food was cooked together in a large pot of spices as I had imagined it would be. It was after we asked three times for the hush puppies that they were finally sent to our table. Was the food terrible? No. Was the food great? No. The entire affair felt as though the staff were all new. I can understand if the place was packed full of customers and everyone was very busy, but this place was not crowded. The dinner was a let down. Again not the worst, but not the best.

So no bike ride to work tomorrow. I may stop in for the bike planning route meeting tomorrow evening. You can click on the picture below to enlarge it.

I also ordered a bike seat bag from Amazon.com. The best part was the cost of $10. I used my coupon I purchased at Living Social.com a few months ago. I will probably get another bike bag to place on the back of my bike. It is a work in progress, like other things in my life.

Tell your dad he is great. Have a good week, and stay cool Midtown.