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Saturday Midtown and I am loving it.

Woke up early this morning and jumped on my bike for a ride to the coffee shop. CROWDED for a Saturday morning. Even though I sat at a small table, after a few short minutes there were only a few chairs at the bar left empty. All the remaining tables were taken.

I woke up while drinking my iced coffee and read todays paper. A few good articles stood out. First up was an article about businesses taking advantage of the Greenline to sell goods to customers. A new bike rental company and Cheffies were mentioned in the article. They forgot Republic Coffee. There are times I count over one dozen bikes parked outside of Republic Coffee on the weekends. Read the entire article here in the Commercial Appeal.

The second article from the Commercial Appeal features a story about Commissioner Terry Rolands efforts to cut money from Shelby Farms. Read this article. It appears another Memphis official has his facts wrong. Where does the county and city find these people? Shelby Farms is EXCELLENT. I use the park at least 3 days a week. Yeah, let’s cut funds to the GOOD things this city has to offer. Read the article here from the Commercial Appeal.

While at Republic Coffee I found an interesting note about a bike route meeting this Monday and Tuesday.

I may stop in for this meeting if I can find the time.

While at Republic Coffee I ran into a friend by accident. We chatted a bit, then it was time to head to Yolo!

Reflection in the window at Yolo

I locked my bike to the bike rack and enjoyed some Yolo. I am still the mayor of Yolo on Madison. I only get by about twice a week, so I am not sure how I am still mayor.

By the way, Lady Bugg Bakery has new hours. See the sign:

Making my way west I took a picture of Neil’s Bar.

I ALWAYS miss the free beer! I will come back tomorrow for the free beer.

I biked to the bank farther west. Hmmm… Drive thru or walk in? DRIVE THRU! I thought I would get flack about being on a bike, but the bank didn’t seem to care. See me in the far right camera?

After dealing with the bank, I made my way back east. I spotted the liquor store.

Hmmm… I didn’t have anything to carry liquor in. What to do, what to do. I went inside the liquor store. Me “Do you have a bag I could hang on my handle bars?”   Clerk – “No. Wait… yes I do.” Me – “I will have the large bottle of spirits please”. With that, I was off to home with my liquor in the bag, hanging from my handle bars. Note to self, order the seat bag and handle bars bag TODAY.

Total miles today? Around nine. Good day for a bike ride. I made found that I can do all my chores, while on a bike.

Tonights plan is the Tennessee Tease Burleque show at Hi-Tone. Should be fun.

Have a great day Midtown and come back tomorrow for more love.