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Did you survive the week Midtown. I survived only by the skin of my teeth.

This morning I celebrated Bacon Friday at Republic Coffee. The breakfast was good; bacon, muffin and iced coffee.

Getting to work, I pulled in to find one work vehicle with two flat tires. Then I was told the computers were off-line due to the storm last night. THEN I was told a customer was waiting outside of the door for me and we do not open for another hour and twenty minutes. Are you kidding? This is how my Friday starts? I haven’t even made it into the office and this is what I faced? Holy cow, what a Friday.

We decided to have dinner tonight at Pho Saigon on Poplar. Good food as always. Shrimp and noodles plus two egg rolls.

I discovered that I was a runner-up in the Gross Shoe contest at the I Love Memphis Blog.com. I thought my old Vans were bad. I thought wrong. Others had way battered shoes more than I. Funny thing was many of the entry’s were Vans shoes. Hmmm… One of the shoes had to be “cut off by an EMT” after a bike accident. Got me beat. Can’t argue with that entry. At least I was in good company. Check out the story here at I Love Memphis Blog.com.

What is happening tomorrow? A bike ride and the Tennessee Tease show at the Hi-Tone. I called for V.I.P. tickets and was told there are V.I.P. seats still available for $15.00. Go see this show! It should be great. Non-V.I.P. tickets are $10. Go see the show people, you will have fun!

Enjoy the weekend and get outside!