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It is Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Get out and live your life to the fullest.

Up early in the morning and I head to the Greenline. Only 15 minutes into my bike ride, I receive a phone call from my wife. She was riding her bike on Peabody when a car making a turn clipped her rear tire. Of course my wife fell to the pavement. The driver said my wife “somehow” pulled in front of him as he was turning and it was her fault. She was so stunned she didn’t even get his name or tag number. Uh dude, she rides slow. There is no way she could pedal fast enough to “pull in front of you”. Attention driver, you were not paying attention. My wife said the driver never even slowed to make the turn. Motorists, please be carefull while you drive. Those on bikes, watch for cars. They will do the unexpected. I only ride about 2 miles out of 11 miles on streets. And those 2 miles are on a rarely used farm road. 

I discovered the Tennessee Tease will be performing this weekend at the Hi Tone. The event is billed as a 9:00 p.m. show on Saturday 6/18/2011. 18+ show and tickets are $10. I know what you are saying, “Me, going to a burlesque show? What would the neighbors say?”. Yes you, GO TO THE BURLESQUE SHOW! Tennessee Tease puts on a FUN show. You will enjoy the event. I cannot say anything bad from the past events we have attended. Check out the Hi-Tone website here about the event and BUY YOUR TICKETS.

Lastly, I read the article in the Commercial Appeal about ANOTHER survey which places Memphis on the bottom of the list of cities to visit. I believe the words to describe the city were “dirty, unsafe and dumb”. I am sure that those people using those words to describe Memphis have never been to the Shell on a FREE concert night. Nor have they used the Greenline. Wait, did they attend Trolley Night downtown? Probably not. And those same people never made their way to the Cooper Young neighborhood. Guess what? Many, many cities can be described as “dirty, unsafe, and dumb”. Have you walked around in downtown Paris? Yeah, watch out for the presents that dogs leave on the side walk. This is Paris I am talking about. Rome? Pickpockets on every corner. Prague? Vendors and cabbies try to short change you when paying with cash. All cities are unsafe, dirty and dumb  in some areas. Me? I think Paris is a great city, no matter what obstacles I have to dodge while walking the streets. Prague has great beer, I just count my change carefully. And I always wear a money belt in Rome. I have to say it after writing about this area of town and the city for almost six months now; Memphis is damn great. BBQ to die for, the Greenline, the Shell, a great place for film fans, and great music. I wish the same people who think Memphis is “dirty, unsafe and dumb” could see the city my way, every day. Memphis is making the turn for the better people, just you wait and see. Read the article here in the Commercial Appeal.      

(My ultra cool event this evening was cancelled due to rain. But it will be rescheduled soon).

Have fun this weekend people.