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27 miles later and I have finished my day. Sitting next to me is a glass of Russian something something mixed with orange juice on ice. How goes humpday Midtown?

I was wary of riding my bike this morning due to the fact we had hail in the forecast. So what do I do? I bike the entire way to work (I usually start at the Tillman side of the Greenline and bike to work). Being the smart person that I am, I decided to try a short cut at Shelby Farms. Turns out that short cut was 1 mile longer than my usual route. Hmmm… so much for short cuts. Riding back from work I stopped to drink water at the Tillman end of the Greenline. Another biker was stopped as well. We started to chat about the Greenline. It was the first time he had used the Greenline and he really liked it. After a few moments of chatting, I sped away to complete my ride home.

I really didn’t get a chance to read the newspaper today, but I did catch an interesting item at lifehacker.com. Two apps are free for the next couple of days; Trickle for Facebook and Trickle for Twitter. What is Trickle? You know how you turn on Facebook and there are 50 status updates you have to read through? Well Trickle displays  the status updates as they are posted in real-time on a black backdrop. So you leave the app running (plug in your Ipod or Iphone) and let the app run. As friends update their status, you see the status updates in large font one at a time. It is at the Apple store (No Droid version yet) and it is free. Just search for “Trickle”. Sale ends soon.

Exciting news for tomorrow. I have arranged something cool for tomorrow evening. I can’t spill the beans yet, but will update you tomorrow about it. The event should be fun.

Get thirsty for “Thirsty Thursday” Midtown. And get ready for the weekend, because HERE IT COMES.

See ya!