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Two for Tuesday as they say on the radio. Unfortunately I have only one post today.

Two cups of coffee this morning and I was on my way to insanity, I mean work. 8 hours later and I was home.

I found an interesting article in the New York Times this morning. I read NY Times daily until NYT put up a pay wall for their website. Strangely I do not miss the NY Times. The article reviewed new e-readers (New Nook and Kobo e-readers) and compared the latest models to the big boy e-reader Kindle. If you have an e-reader or want to purchase one, read this article from the NY Times. The article does a great job of comparing e-readers. I have a Kindle. Funny thing is I only use my Kindle when I am reading before I go to sleep, which is most nights. When I read during the day, I use my Ipod to read the same book I read at night. This is one of my favorite features. I can read the same book on my Kindle, Ipod, laptop, ect. The best part is when I am out of town, and can carry my books on my Ipod on the plane, hotel, car, ect. I also like the Amazon website. You can purchase books in seconds and have the book downloaded to your laptop, Kindle, and Ipod in just a few seconds. The book I am reading now is an e-book. The book I purchased prior was a hard back. Which one do I prefer? THE CHEAPEST! I really do not care which format you give me the information, just give me the best price. Again, read the article here from the NY Times.

So instead of riding my bike to work as planned I picked up a new bike for my wife. So much for the bike to work 4 days a week. And of course rain threatens my bike ride tomorrow. No bueno. But to make up for the non bike to work day, we rode the bikes to YOLO!

The ride to Yolo was fun. A few things to note. After spending $30 at Yolo, I now get a $3 discount at my next visit to Yolo. The other thing to note is I am STILL the mayor of Yolo on Madison. That would be my second mayorship with Foursquare. The other location where I hold office is at Republic Coffee. I am pretty sure most people have given up trying to get the job of Mayor at coffee town.

So during the bike ride I stopped by Slider Inn on Peabody at Cooper. The top front is new. Mucho construction going on.

Riding by the corner of Union and Cooper, I noticed the walls of the new CVS are going up. Get ready Midtown for the new drug store coming soon.

We stopped in at Ikes for a few odds and ends while riding home. I never noticed that Ikes had a bike rack. Thanks Ikes! Bike rack at Yolo, bike rack at Ikes. Republic Coffee, where are the bike racks? Please.

And if you need a close up of that torn seat, here it is.

As my wife says “You need a new seat”. Me “No I don’t”. Her “There’s nothing left of it. It’s old!” Me- “Yes, its old, but that torn seat gives my bike character”. At this point she attempted to strangle me.

Want to check out a good movie? Go see The Light Thief at the Brooks Museum, Thursday at 7:00 p.m. The movie sounds good. If I didn’t have plans I would attend. $7 per person. English subtitles. Go!

So, I LOVE MEMPHIS.COM is sponsoring a shoe give away contest. Just email Kerry of I Love Memphis.com a picture of your gross shoes. The prize is a new set of shoes. Read all about the contest here from I Love Memphis.com. Here is my entry. I purchased these shoes online in 2002 on a lark. Vans Skull shoes. I loved these shoes. I wore them constantly. The odometer stopped at 133,000 miles. Even after the odometer stopped I continued to walk in the shoes. The shoes have a hole in them as you can see. The heels are worn out and the tread is gone. The yellow spot? That is wood glue. There is even paint and bleach on the shoes. They are DONE. Soon enough I will bury these shoes, in a park nearby. Really. I mean I have to give them last rites or something.