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Enjoy the weekend Midtown!

I started the morning off at the coffee shop. I consumed my iced coffee and I drove to work. Yes, I had to work on Saturday. The day went by quickly, so it wasn’t so difficult.

After work, I stopped by the main library on Poplar for the used book sale. If you need something to read, this was the place to be. When I say there were TONS of books available, I am telling the truth. There was a good turn out of people today.

I headed home, and found that the movie Super 8 started at 4:40 p.m. So it was off to the movies at the Square. The movie was good. I thought the story was a little weak, and you do not find out much until 2/3 the way into the movie. Yes, good movie, but not great. Do stay for the credits. The piece at the end is very amusing.

Tomorrow’s plan is a crawfish boil in the evening. The event should be fun. I hope to post pictures here tomorrow.