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Celebrate Friday Midtown! We made it to the end of the week.

I started out this morning with a cup of iced coffee at the coffee shop. I took my water to go and jumped on the bike to pedal the work. 11 miles later I was at work. Make that 3 days this week to bike to work Midtown. Yes I am keeping count. I saved about $15 in gas. Now to head to the beer store to buy $15 in beer. Hey I earned it. (Just kidding).

I almost forgot. The Friends of the Library are selling used books at the library on Poplar, across from the DMV. I have attended this event a few times prior and it is GREAT. My wife usually walks out with a box of books. Get there early Saturday, book fans pick the tables clean early. Read more about the book sale here

There is a deal today from the Inside Scoop for $9 for $20 for food at the new Italian joint next to Republic Coffee, Vito’s Cucina. Get your deal here. The deal must be good, 227 people have purchased this deal.

Unfortunately I have to show up at work tomorrow for a few hours. But after that, my weekend begins!

Stay cool Midtown. See you back here tomorrow for more used books, coffee, and BBQ.