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Welcome to Thirsty Thursday. The weekend is coming at you NOW.

Bike to work day 5 went well for several reasons. #1 reason was that I figured out that I do not have to go hardcore on the Greenline. I can pedal along and maintain a 10 mph speed. So what if it takes me 10 additional minutes to get to work. I FEEL better now. Reason number 2, I now have a cooling vest. The vest seems to work okay, although it is slightly heavy with the water added to it. The vest feels like a wet life jacket when worn. Reason number 3, I now have a speedometer. And true to form I misjudged the miles from the end of the Greenline to work, by about 2 miles. At the end of the day I felt tired but not exhausted at the end of my bike ride. This bike to work thing may work for me after all. Total round trip when I start at the Greenline, 22 miles.

And FYI, there is some construction going on at many sections of the Greenline. The picture below was taken at the Highland crossing. Nothing major, but be careful.

After I arrived home, it was time to go the Levitt Shell for some Cajun music with the Lost Bayou Ramblers. Yes, this is Cajun music. The singer sounded as though he was from a different country with that Cajun accent. Good entertainment for the low price of FREE!

Wait, who is sitting on the lawn, watching the show, drinking a beer?

Yolo was on site to sell the frozen treats.

Now here is where it gets weird. The old guy sitting in front of us was wearing a t-shirt that had “New Orleans District” on the front. It was the back of the shirt that had me looking twice, then taking the camera out for the photo.

“Headbanging for Head Lice Tour 2008”. I can’t make this stuff up. Alright old guy, keep on rocking.

If you are reading this post 6/9/11, the app Postagram is giving away a free postcard with your own picture attached and will send the postcard anywhere FOR FREE! Today only. I sent a picture to my grandmother. I have always wanted to try the app Postagram, but never have gotten around to it. Now was the day to do so.

Make your plans, get out of the house, and enjoy everything outside that Midtown has to offer. Walk that path you have never been down, move away from the herd. Be your own person. Live Loud Midtown.