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Bike to work day number 4 Midtown! Catch the wind at 7:30 a.m. It sounds brutal to be biking to work at that time, but I am loving it.

So to catch up on a few things Midtown, I wanted to list the blogs I read daily. Some are local (and very informative) and some are foreign. Here goes nothing, in no particular order.

If you need to know what to do in downtown Memphis, check out Paul Ryburns blog http://www.paulryburn.com/blog/. Paul will tell you about deals downtown, events, and mucho other stuff. I check Paul’s site daily. He posts EVERY DAY (sometimes twice a day). Bonus points to Paul for that.

Next on the list is http://www.bikinginmemphis.com/. Doug keeps you updated on biking stuff in Memphis. He bikes to work like it was a religion. Doug doesn’t post daily, but Doug writes very good stuff. If you bike at all, read his blog. And check out the picture of when he rode his bike to work wearing a suit! Or the picture of the groceries he took home while riding his bike. Very cool.

If you want the feel good Memphis post, letting you know what is going on in town, check out http://ilovememphisblog.com/. Kerry keeps the love of Memphis shining daily. New restaurants, entertainment, and your neighbors are all featured in the I Love Memphis Blog. I read this blog daily. And GO TO THE MURAL PARTY’S! I went to the last one and had FREE ENTERTAINMENT, FREE FOOD AND FREE BEER. If you get off your sofa and go to various events in town, you will run into Kerry. Read her blog!

Off to the other side of the Atlantic, I read Mick Wall’s blog daily. http://mickwall.com/blog/blog.php is where you can get the inside scoop from someone who has been there in rock and roll. Read Mick Wall’s books. If you enjoy Metallica, Guns And Roses, Led Zepplin, ect, you will enjoy his blog. Mick lived the hard rock life for years, although now settled down with a family, he still has stories to tell. I read Mick’s blog every day.

And for Mick’s brother from another mother, check out http://rosshalfin.com/home/intro.php. Ross has been there and done that with MANY, MANY, BANDS.  I check his diary daily. Ross is either in L.A. or running around the planet with another band, shooting live shows, taking photo’s backstage, or doing private photo shoots for some of your favorite bands. The funniest part is, I was supposed to meet up with Ross on a couple of different occasions. I was to meet him in Texas on an Aerosmith tour, but ended up not going to the city he was in. The next occasion, a friend called me asking where I was at. He was going to introduce me to Ross at the hotel while he was in town. I was out of town on an east coast business trip. Ross is a great photographer and tells it like it is, no matter what band he is talking about. Ross also has EXCELLENT travel photographs. Great color and a great eye for art, check out his books if you can.

So those are the blogs I read daily. Make the most of tonight, hump day is around the corner. Come back tomorrow for more coffee, BBQ, big salads, and deals.

Live Loud!