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Good day Midtown. My weekend rocked. How was yours?

I started the day at Republic Coffee with a large iced coffee. No, I didn’t get enough iced coffee yesterday. I also wanted the BIG Cobb salad, but was told the salads would not be served until 1:00 p.m. I want my Cobb salad!

What to do? Newks restaurant on Poplar near White Station. Arriving at Newks I ordered the Cobb salad and a tea. The grand total? $11.00 and change. The salad arrived and the salad was large. Big enough for two. How was the Cobb salad? It was okay. RC BIG Cobb salad is better. But Newks was alright. This was the first time I have been to Newks and I will return. Check the original website for the cafe here.


Next up is the flea market on Winchester and Riverdale. This place is GINORMOUS! We were looking for leather wrist bands. We didn’t find what we wanted (but I did find what I wanted on EBay). Check out the flea market. They have many, many different things to buy. Your best bet would probably be to come on a Saturday.20110605-100751.jpg

Next we went by the Bayou to meet friends for a short chat.

After a few laughs we headed to the grocery store. $50 later, we had groceries for the week. Not bad for two. Arriving home I messed about in the flower garden for a while. Adding stuff here, cutting stuff there.

Oh yeah, my wife picked up this painting at a garage sale. Interesting.

Have a great week Midtown and I will see you back here tomorrow. Rock on.