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Good afternoon Midtown. What did you do today? Me? I just finished the Great Iced Coffee Grand Tour of Midtown. Let me explain. So I had this idea a couple of months ago to do a tour of coffee shops on my bike. It just so happened that I picked one of the hottest days of the year to do so. I took notes, so let’s begin the Great Iced Coffee Tour of Midtown.

I left home at 11:40 a.m. I slept in this morning, totally my fault for starting late. I figured I would ride out far, then leave the closer coffee shops for the end of the bike ride.

First up Republic Coffee 1.8 miles away. I arrived at the coffee shop at 11:55. I am at Republic Coffee most days of the week for iced coffee. Good vibe here, RC reminds me of a few cafes in Amsterdam. Dark wood interior, books to read, & people leave you alone. The cafe was crowded when I arrived for iced coffee. The iced coffee had a toasted coffee taste. I received a free glass of ice water to put in my water bottle. Cost for the coffee? $2.46. Free refills. Free wifi, no bike rack.

Leaving Republic Coffee, I headed to Cafe Eclectic on N. McLean. I took Tilman down to Sam Cooper. There is construction on Sam Cooper. I turned north to reach North Parkway. Reaching North Parkway, I headed west to McLean. This is something new. In all the years I have lived in Memphis, I have never been down North Parkway. NEVER. Since the bike lanes are not set up yet on North Parkway, I rode on the sidewalk. F.Y.I. there is a HUGE bump just east of Rhodes College. By huge, I am talking at least two feet high. Hello, city public works, can you please fix this? Pedal, pedal, pedal to Cafe Eclectic 3.1 miles away.

I reached the cafe at 12:45. Since there was no bike rack, I chained my bike to the railing outside. The interior of the cafe is a lighter shade of brown the RC. This cafe has a more pop-ish feel to it. Cafe Eclectic was semi-crowded. Free wifi is offered at the cafe. My small iced coffee cost $2.02. The waitress saw my water bottle and offered to refill my bottle with ice and water for free. Thanks! The coffee had a smooth, nice taste. The bathroom was great looking. Wow. They spent some money on it.

I left Cafe Eclectic at 1:06 and headed to The Edge Coffee shop on Overton Park. 1.3 miles later I found The Edge not opened. The place doesn’t open till 5:00 p.m. Hmmm… I should have checked. Pedal, pedal, pedal.

1.7 miles later I make it to Starbucks on Union and McLean. I arrived at 1:40 and purchased a small iced coffee. $2.17 later I am sipping an iced coffee. This iced coffee was probably the most average coffee I had today. The coffee tasted a bit weak. The place was crowded. Free wifi, and no bike rack.

Leaving Starbucks at 1:48 I head south to Otherlands on Cooper .9 miles away. Arriving at 2:00, I locked my bike outside. No bike rack, free wifi. The interior was slightly funky, but not overly so. Bright and clean on the inside. The street view is good. GnR was playing on the sound system. I have been to Otherlands about 2 years ago to see a band, but I have not been back since. I purchased a large iced coffee for $3.17. The cafe offers a salad for $4.00 that sounded good. The coffee tasted good; smooth and nice.

I left Otherlands at 2:15. Heading further south (.07 miles), I turned east on Young and landed at Java Cabana at 2:23. This is the first time I have been to JC. I parked my bike outside and entered the shop. FUNKY is the word to describe the interior. Wow. I ordered an iced coffee, the cost $3.00. This iced coffee had a tea-ish taste to it. Free wifi, no bike rack. I left JC at 2:40 and arrived home at 2:54, .8 miles later.

Total trip miles? About 10.3 miles. Very hot outside today. I would recommend that you bike when it is a bit cooler. 5 iced coffees and about $14 later I finished the Great Iced Coffee Grand Tour of Midtown.

After finishing the tour we headed to Memphis Pizza Cafe for a salad and calzone. Good food.

Next up was Yolo. With the current heat, Yolo is probably printing cash non-stop. I watched as an older man poured himself a TON of yogurt. When he finished pouring his yogurt, his yogurt ended up two inches OVER the rim of the cup. Dude, I hope you have a big wallet. I glimpsed the total for his two cups of yogurt. $11 was the damage. Our two cups cost less than $4.

So what have I learned today? I like iced coffee. I like Yolo. It’s best not to bike in 100 degree heat.

Have fun, get out, and try to stay cool Midtown.