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Last night we decided to have a BIG Cobb salad at Republic Coffee. $10 for the two of us for dinner. I really like this salad and it is big enough for two to eat for dinner. Republic Coffee, it’s not just for breakfast anymore.

“Bike To Work” day 3 began early this morning. I was a bit late getting to the coffee shop. There was no time for “Bacon Friday”, although I may celebrate “Bacon Friday” tonight. The ride was a bit hot this morning, but okay. I think I even shaved a few minutes off my ride on the Greenline today.

Lifehacker.com features a couple of interesting articles; both that save you money.

First there is the article is about how restaurants get you to spend more money. Do not accept anything free from the restaurant, especially if the item is loaded with sodium. The restaurant only wants you to order more drinks because you get thirsty. And watch out for those specials, the restaurant may be trying to get rid of older food. Read the article here at lifehacker.com. Good tips.

The second article presented is news that Amazon will offer local deals, called AmazonLocal. Yeah, now Amazon is getting into the local deal game. The outcome? Better deals for me and you. Capitalism at it’s best. Read all about the Amazon deals here from lifehacker.com. I am ready for my deal Amazon.

ZZ Top is performing on June 4th at the gardens. Tickets cost $44 plus fee’s. I did a show or two with the “lil’ old band from Texas”. Classic rock events are usually easy events to work since most fans are older now, and just want to sit, watch the show and drink a few beers. For some reason this event had quite a few different groups from our company working behind the scenes on various projects. With all the different groups in the mix, I accidentally duplicated the entire row “M” on the main floor. Ooops. Or as my boss said when I told him about the mistake, “I guess we have two row M’s tonight”.

Going with the theme of hell raisers and tequila drinkers, my wife received a very nice present from a client for her birthday. Here’s to you! Party!

And another Italian deal today. $6 for $12 for food at Vanelli’s Deli in Germantown. It must be a good deal, 234 people have purchased the deal. Get your Italian food here at Groupon.com.

If you enjoy a good Broadway show, try out Get My Perks.com for 2 tickets to Stomp at the Orpheum. 2 orchestra tickets for $45.00. Good deal for a good show on 6/24/11. Get your deal here from Get My Perks.com.

The plan for tomorrow is a bike ride. Maybe for a special project I am working on. Get out and enjoy your weekend Midtown!